Matthew Ellen .co .uk

Website Features

This site has a few things to offer besides information about me. Below is a list of attractions on the site. Also there are a couple of works in progress, which are noted in the works in progress section available in the main menu.

Useful code snippets - This is a collection of code snippets people might find useful or interesting.

Gadgets for Windows 7 - I have made some gadgets for Windows 7. Have a go with them!

Homemade encryption - An example of a not very strong encryption method. Bamboozle your friends with hidden messages!

Free backgrounds - Occasionally I feel artistic, and this can lead to me creating some background/wallpaper art.

Happy Faces Game - Apparently (according to New Scientist) if you search for the happy face in this game for a few minutes before you start work, you're more productive throughout the day.

Ant Dance animation - I wanted to do an animation on the canvas element using javascript. What better test than a little automata?